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Exploring the Marketplace

Dec 21, 2022

Today on Exploring the Marketplace, Shawn Bolz and Dr. Matthew Kutz interview, Dr. Matthew Kutz.  Matthew is currently a Clinical Professor in the Doctor of Athletic Training,  and has developed and designed the Contextual Intelligence ProfileTM to assess the contextual intelligence behaviors of individuals and organizations. Matthew’s training programs have been used by executives, managers, members, and staff at multinational and Fortune 500 companies, universities, professional associations, churches, governmental agencies, and NGO’s in several countries. Tune in as Shawn, Bob and Matthew discuss how he grew up planning to become a pastor when God has other plans.  Hear how a Sunday school lesson turned into a business/leadership book on Contextual Intelligence and became an award winning leadership book. Hear how God has helped him overcome Imposter syndrome and insecurity which ultimately opened the door to his very first client which was a Fortune 500 that most consultants work their entire career to land. This episode will give you hope!  Tune in!