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Exploring the Marketplace

May 27, 2020

On today’s episode, Shawn Bolz interviews Ryan LeStrange.  Ryan is an Author, an Apostolic and Prophetic revolutionary laboring to see a global awakening. Ryan is the founder and Apostolic leader of an international network of ministries known as the TRIBE Network. He is also the senior leader of the iHub movement and active in the business arena with LeStrange Global, LLC., a digital media company producing a variety of Christian media products featuring eBooks, eLearning events, and eCourses.  Join the conversation as Shawn and Ryan discuss his process of how he hears from God, he also shares some of the most vivid, significant words he has received in his life which became markers.  Tune in as Ryan shares how his mandate to bridge the gaps in society and his goal to demystify the prophetic and make it relatable to this generation.