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Exploring the Marketplace

Oct 13, 2021

Today on Exploring the Prophetic, Shawn Bolz interviews Merlinda Balmas. Merlinda works at Warner Bros Theatrical Marketing, is the Co-Director of Hollywood Prayer Network and the President of Open Table Outreach.  Merlinda felt God calling her to start 9t5, a ministry whose purpose is to equip and encourage Christiand in their God-given roles to function with a Kingdom mindset and win their sphere of influence for Christ. Tune in as Shawn and Merlinda discuss her background filled with poverty, abuse, and loneliness and how her loving encounter with Jesus as a teenager set the stage for her whole life. Merlinda shares the moment God called her back into the marketplace bringing the Kingdom and the love of Jesus to everyone around her. Merlinda’s desire is to encourage you that you do have a hope, you have a future, and that you are not alone!