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Exploring the Marketplace

May 19, 2021

Today on Exploring the Prophetic, Shawn Bolz interviews Christa Smith. Christa is an author of a newly released book “Singled Out in a Couple’s World”, she has a passion for seeing God unleashed across the nations and across generations. Christa is married to Evangelist Sean Smith and together they have invested their lives for the gospel, are passionate for revival and the harvest, which often places them in diverse settings, but always dependent on God.  Tune in as Shawn & Christa discuss an awakening she had when she was very young that provoked a curiosity and desire in her for more of God that marked her for the rest of her life, her journey of being single for many years, and how the Lord led her to marry Sean.  When God writes your story, it’s the best story ever - Christa shares her amazing message of “in a moment God can change everything.”  Tune in to hear the prophetic hope the Lord has given her for the body of Christ!