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Exploring the Marketplace

May 1, 2019

In this episode, Shawn Bolz interviews Gracie Wright. Gracie is a two-time award-winning author of children's books like “Silly Eric” and a Pride of Britain nominee. She has been a Young Ambassador for the Prince's Trust and is a supporter of helping others overcome. Her love for people and helping others reflects in her work as she grows her publishing business to inspire creativity and dreaming BIG. Gracie’s creative also expands into the world of music as she soon releases her first ever single, Psalm 23, from her NEW EP REDEEMED, featuring Jonathan Ogden from Rivers & Robots, on May 6th. Join the conversation as Shawn and Gracie discuss her traumatic head injury as a child that put her in a coma, her journey of recovery from a brain injury where she found Jesus that ultimately lead her to complete healing and restoration, and her mandate from the Lord to write children's books that led to her becoming an award-winning author. She is now bringing breakthrough all over the world because of her story.