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Exploring the Marketplace

Jan 4, 2023

Today on Exploring the Marketplace, Shawn Bolz and Bob Hasson interview, Adam Cooney.  Adam is a 3rd generation family owner of a trucking company who took over the business from his Father as President.  Tune in as Shawn, Bob and Adam share how he was working in the business,  had felt unsettled and through a series of events and relationships moved to the Philippines to work with a team which ultimately they felt the Lord drawing them back into the family business.  Adam shares how his  faith created opportunities you wouldn't have without your connection to Jesus which opened up business opportunities through various relationships.  Adam shares vulnerably how he overcame the fear of failing by realizing that when he tried to run this business in my own strength and in the manner that he thought it yielded to soulish desire which almost cost him his marriage.  But….Jesus! Tune in!