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Exploring the Marketplace

Oct 20, 2021

Today on Exploring the Prophetic, Shawn Bolz interviews Apostle Kathryn Krick.  Kathryn is the Lead Pastor of Five-Fold Church in Los Angeles where every service people are healed, delivered, and transformed as the prophetic anointing flows powerfully.  Kathryn is passionate about seeing people encounter the true Jesus who comes in power and receive abundant life in Him.  Tune in as Shawn and Kathryn share the moment her spiritual eyes were opened and how from that point on her heart burned for others to encounter the same power she had encountered. Kathryn talks about her love for people and desire to see them completely set free. During her services, she sees many set free from demonic holds and healed from sicknesses.  Her message is one of hope, seeing the captive set free, and staying focused on Jesus. He is the answer!