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Exploring the Marketplace

Aug 17, 2020

Join Shawn Bolz as he interviews Author: William Paul Young.  William Paul Young is the Author of The Shack, Crossroads, Eve and his newest book: Lies We Believe About God.  The journey that Paul has lived as one of the top Authors in history has been both incredible and very painful. His best selling book, "The Shack," tackles many subjects that are part of Paul's personal story including extreme losses and living with deep shame that can only be healed through a connection to God. Today we will hear about how God has used Paul’s novels as a platform that is using a grace filled perspective with a worldwide audience. We explore how the story of "The Shack" has also healed so many. We will also talk to Paul about his fascinating perspective and how he overcame so many things Christians struggle with, but gave language for all of us to go on the journey too.